About Ruhens

Redefining home-health technology through advanced purification.

A Global Brand of 28 years

RUHENS was awarded $7000 million 1st export tower for overseas export. To date, Ruhens has more than 28 years of well-established water purification and filtration manufacturing technology. Our long-standing reputation as a leader in water purification technology has brought Ruhens to the global stage.  Now, Ruhens exports to over 60 countries worldwide. Every product delivered to homes are of the highest quality standards.

Ruhens Institute of Technology

Ruhens place research and development as our top priority, and we are making continuous efforts for safer, cleaner water. Investing in Wonbong’s unique technology development, we are leaping forward as a global leading company that is leading the world’s leading environmental appliances.

As a global leader in home-health technology and appliances, Ruhens’ relentless focus on research and development has produced many cutting-edge home products.

New Filtration Research & Development

2% of our annual sales are in R&D development into various filter systems, safety processes and energy-saving functionalities.

Certificates & Technology Acquisition

We invest in local and global patent acquisition and certification to ensure that the newest, most effective technology in our products

Quality & Safety First Technology Development

Our priority is in quality and safety. Our R&D group ensures that every technology undergo intensive product safety checks and performance validation.